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Welcome to Highcliffe Sixth

Highcliffe Sixth Form encourages all of its students to aspire to the highest levels of achievement and enables them to prepare for adult life. We offer a broad range of qualifications and encourage each individual to choose a balanced and challenging combination of courses appropriate to their strengths, interests and ambitions.

Sixth Form studies are designed to ensure exam success and help students become independent thinkers and learners – not only through their main examination courses, but also through the acquisition of key skills and involvement in the academic and personal enrichment programme. We aim to combine a friendly and informal atmosphere with high expectations and high standards of achievement. The choice you make about which path to take at the age of sixteen will influence the future direction of your life. It is a critical decision. We aim to ensure that you never have cause to regret choosing Highcliffe Sixth Form.

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A dedicated team of Sixth Form leaders, support staff and form tutors work with our students on a daily basis to support them, encourage them and help them overcome challenges in their learning. A wide range of enrichment and extra-curricular activities provide opportunities for sometimes life-changing new experiences and personal development.

Why choose Highcliffe Sixth Form?

  • High quality learning experience
  • Excellent exam results and progression into Higher Education
  • Extensive range of courses
  • Excellent facilities including Sixth Form Cafe, Study Centre, Art Studio, Music Recording Studio, Fitness Suite, Language Labs, state-of-the-art Technology Centre
  • High quality ICT provision and online resources
  • Gifted and Talented Lead School
  • Excellent Higher Education and careers support
  • Exceptional preparation for Oxbridge and medical applications, university admissions tests and interviews
  • "Outstanding pastoral care, guidance and support" - Ofsted
  • Strong student voice
  • Comprehensive programme of enrichment activities, trips and social events
  • Financial support, travel subsidies and Sixth Form transport service

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