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School Transport


From: Bransgore  

For students who live in Hampshire, provided that Highcliffe is your closest designated school and you live more than three miles (walking distance) from Highcliffe School, Hampshire County Council will provide transport free of charge for September Intake. This applies to all applications received before the end of June.  

Please contact Hampshire County Council for further details, application forms are available from or you can call the Passenger Transport Group on 01962 846924 or email Hants transport

From: Brockenhurst, Hordle, Sway, Tiptoe  

As Highcliffe School is not your closest designated school, unfortunately Hampshire County Council do not offer free transport.  

Highcliffe School runs routes through Brockenhurst, Hordle, Sway and Tiptoe, should you wish to utilise these routes. Currently the price for a year's transport is £815 which we split into 6 payments over the academic year, next year there is an assumption the price will increase but we will not know for certain until the tender process has been completed. We would envisage an increase to this cost for September intake, costs are usually confirmed by the end of April.  

Please click here for a guideline of the routes the transport follows from these areas.

Free School Meals or Maximum level of Working Tax Credit  

If your child is entitled to Free School Meals and you are in receipt of the Maximum level of Working Tax Credit, you may be entitled to travel assistance from Hampshire County Council. You should apply direct to Hampshire County Council. Application forms are available from or the Passenger Transport Group on 01962 846924. 


Parent/Guardians are responsible for the transport arrangements for getting your son/daughter to school, including costs.  

From: Mudeford 

A public service MoreBus No. X1 or X2 operates from Christchurch and travels through Mudeford stopping near the school. For the times of the bus consult the most recent timetable in case of changes  


If you are dropping off (or picking up) your son/daughter, please park on the school side only to avoid dangerous congestion. Please be considerate to the local residents by not blocking access to their driveways. Thank you.   


If you choose to use the train as transport from either the Brockenhurst or Southbourne direction you will need to check the most recent timetable for times of arrival and departure. A network of alleyways provides a 15-minute walk from the train to school.  


Cycle sheds are available and are locked during the school day.  

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