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Frequently Asked Questions

School Calendar Dates

Where do I find the school holiday dates?
Key Dates and Term Dates can be found on the school website under the Parents heading or by clicking here.

If I need to take my child out of school in term time, where will I find the form?
Taking children out of school during term time is not encouraged. Please note that holiday taken/asked for in term time will NOT be authorised. The form is found under Parents, Term Dates or by using this link siteassets/files/autositebinaries/PUBGENERAL/leave_form.pdf

After School / Lunchtime Activities

Where do I find details of after school/lunch activites?
All activities after school can be found in the Student Bulletin under the Heading, Students on the school's website. Planned activities are published each term as 'Lunch and After School activities under the parents menu. Click here to view.

What time do the after school clubs finish?
Most after school clubs finish between 4pm-4.15pm

Sports Fixtures

What time do I need to collect my child who has participated in a sports fixture?
The member of staff taking the fixture should advise what time to be collected.


Can my child do homework after school?
Yes, the school runs a Homework Club in the Library and IT2 after school until 4pm Monday - Thursday inclusive


Will I be informed if my child is kept behind for detention?
Yes, after school detentions are highlighted on MyHighcliffe and you will be notified by text message. You will need to make alternative arrangements to collect your child from school if they usually catch the bus.

Teaching Staff

How do I contact my child's teacher?
Please email staff via (FAO staff member). Highcliffe School respects the privacy and work/life balance of its staff. We do not expect our staff to check or respond to email when they are not at work, weekends or during holidays. Teaching staff will prioritise teaching activities and we cannot guarantee your email will be read the same day you send it. Office staff emails will only be read on working days and if an email has been sent after 3.30pm on any working day, then it will most likely be processed the following working day.

What should I do if I have not received a return telephone call?
Please allow staff time to return your call. Teachers will be involved in lessons and some will have 5 period days and duties to cover. Pastoral staff also have commitments during the day.

Who do I contact about a query regarding progress in a subject?
Please contact the subject teacher, via the school office email address; FAO Subject Teacher. Your child's teachers are named on their timetable which you can view on MyHighcliffe or from their planner.

Who do I contact about a query regarding progress in a number of subjects? Please contact the Form Tutor in the first instance OR  Please contact your child's Head of Achievement via the school office email address, who will arrange a suitable time to initially discuss this on the phone before talking with subject staff.


Where can I find my WisePay Log on?
Log on informaton will be provided when your child joins the school. Login to WisePay by clicking the WisePay link in MyHighcliffe. Parents can use their own parental login OR if this is unknown a student can login using their school username and password at and then click the WisePay link.



Where can I find my child's timetable?
Timetables can be found in your child's MyHighcliffe under the Student heading by logging in to the student's portal at If you wish to apply for a parent login to My Highcliffe please email and account details will be text to your mobile phone once processed.

Change of Address

How do I inform the school of a change of address?
Please contact either your child's pastoral lead or the Data & Exams office, via the school office email


Can my child access water during the school day?
Water fountains are located around the school outside the external PE changing doors and in front of the Shepherd Building.  Please ensure your child brings their water bottle to school with them each day. 

Lost Property

Who does my child see if they have lost property?
Students need to see their Tutor or go to the Student Support office. Unclaimed items are sent to a charity shop at the end of term. Please help us by naming any items your child brings to school, especially coats and P.E. kits. 

Peer Issues

Who do I contact regarding peer issues?
In the first instance please contact the Pastoral Lead for you child's year. If the issue does not get resolved, please then contact Mr  Amey (Senior Pastoral Lead) who will work with the Pastoral Leads to come to a solution.

Pastoral Issues

Who do I contact regarding pastoral issues?
In the first instance please contact the Pastoral Lead for your child's year. If issues need to be escalated then Mr Amey, Senionr Pastoral Lead, will work with your child's Pastoral Lead.


Who do I contact about attendance?
In the first instance please contact the Pastoral Lead for your child's year or Mr Amey (Senior Pastoral Lead).

Who do I contact if my child is going to be absent from school due to illness?
Please ring the absence line for students 01425 282337.  If the absence line is full, please ring the main school number 01425 273381 who will pass on a message to your child's tutor and the administrator for attendance.


What should I do if my child is ill on the day of Exams?
Please contact the Data & Exams office by calling the main school number 01425 273381, who will advise you of the correct procedure.


I am thinking of applying to Highcliffe School, can I arrange a tour of the school?
Our annual Open Day is in late September/early October and the school will be open for visits during the following 2 weeks, at 9am and 10am.  The dates will be advertised on the school website nearer the time and you should contact the school office to book a place on 01425 273381. If you are applying to the school outside of the secondary transfer process, please contact the Admissions Officer to arrange a school visit.

General Admission Enquiries?
Please contact the admissions officer on direct line 01425 282313 or email or see the Admissions Policy

Is there an admissions appeals process?
Yes. Please contact the Admissions Officer should you wish to appeal, who will go through the process with you.

Sixth Form Admissions

How do I apply for the Sixth Form?
Entry requirements and Sixth Form Admission Criteria can be found on the school's website


What is the school uniform?
Details of the school uniform can be found in the Dressed and Ready to Learn booklet on the school's website.

Where can I purchase the uniform?
Uniform can be purchased from two providers: -
Stevensons in Southbourne -
PMG in New Milton -

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