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Careers Education Guidance

This term we are seeking re-accreditation of our Investor is Careers Award which we have held since July 2017. This is the gold standard for careers provision in the UK and is rightly a rigorous and intense process. It showcases all of our careers provision across all year groups and highlights all the great activities, workshops, events and careers guidance that we offer you all. We are confident we will be successful in providing the evidence we need to maintain this award and look forward to updating you further about this in the future.  

At Highcliffe School, all students are provided with the information, guidance and skills they need to make good choices for their future. From Year 7 onwards students are offered a range of opportunities to explore and develop their career aspirations.

Careers support is delivered through a variety of ways such as interactive workshops, drama productions, careers fairs, employer talks, mock interviews and trips to colleges and universities. All students in Year 11 will have a one to one guidance appointment delivered by our Careers Adviser Mrs Wilson. Students in other years can request a guidance appointment at any time with additional support being offered at key transition points such as Year 9 options, Year 11 career planning and in 6th form. Parents can attend appointments if they wish and Mrs Wilson will also attend parents evenings when appropriate.

Dorset Careers Hub

Highcliffe School is now part of the Dorset Careers Hub. We will be working collaboratively with other Dorset schools to secure additional support and opportunities for the school and its students.

Careers education is becoming increasingly important due to the rapidly changing ‘world of work’. Highcliffe School recognises this and is committed to delivering a high quality service to our students.  

Highcliffe School is looking for re-accreditation and working towards achieving The Quality in Careers Standard Award, through the Licenced Awarding Body-Investor In Careers.  Our school Careers Adviser, Claire Wilson, is Registered Professional with the CDI (Careers Development Institute) and as such abides by their code of ethics ensuring that the guidance she gives is impartial.



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