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Admissions Information

We hope you share our enthusiasm for the special place which is Highcliffe School and welcome an application on behalf of your son or daughter.

Read the full Admissions Policy for 2019/2020 here

Read the full Admissions Policy for 2020/2021 here

Read the full Admissions Policy for 2021/2022 here

Year 7 September New Intake Admissions Only:

The co-ordinated admission scheme requires parents to apply for a place (New Intake only) at Highcliffe School using the common application form available from your local authority or your child’s primary school.

Year 7 September 2020 Appeals Information

Read our 2020 Appeals Timetable here

Other Admission Enquiries, Years 7 – 11 (Casual or In-Year Admissions): 

Please contact directly the Admissions Officer at Highcliffe School should you be considering applying for a place at Highcliffe School.
Telephone 01425 273381

Admissions in 2019-2020

Students will be admitted at age 11, and In Year, without reference to ability or aptitude. The normal age of transfer into Highcliffe School in September 2019 is 11, where the child reaches that age between 1st September 2018 and 31st August 2019.

Children who live in the areas traditionally served by Highcliffe St Mark Primary and Mudeford Junior Schools in Dorset; Tiptoe Primary, Sway St Luke’s Primary, Brockenhurst, Bransgore and Hordle Primary Schools in Hampshire, may transfer at the age of 11 to Highcliffe School if places are available.

Closing date for receipt of completed forms for normal year of entry will be in accordance with the timetable set down in the respective local authority’s coordinated scheme.

The Academy Trust has agreed that the school’s admission number for September 2019 is 230. Should the school be oversubscribed (i.e. receive more applications than places available), places will be allocated in accordance with criteria set out below (see Agreed Admission Criteria). The Academy Trust will only agree to exceed the admission number where exceptional circumstances apply or as part of the LA’s In Year Fair Access protocol.

In the normal year of entry, parents will be informed about the allocation of a place by letter, sent by first class post on 1st March 2019, or the nearest working day after.

If you wish your child to attend Highcliffe School but there are no places available, you may have your child’s name placed on a waiting list. The waiting list operates in accordance with the published admission criteria.

If your child is refused a place at the school you have the right to appeal to the Admissions Appeal Panel. Please write to the Clerk of the Admission Appeal Committee if you wish to do this and the school must then send you the appropriate information.

Transport to Highcliffe School

For students who live in Hampshire, provided that Highcliffe School is your nearest catchment school, transport will be provided free of charge by Hampshire LA, providing the distance criteria is met (measured by the shortest available walking route) i.e: you live more than three miles from Highcliffe School. Children entitled to free school meals or whose parents (with whom they live) are in receipt of the maximum level of working tax credit have enhanced entitlement.

We work with Hampshire County Council to provide subsidised travel to those affected by the removal of the discretionary travel for students.

If you live outside the area traditionally served by the school then you will be responsible for your own transport arrangements for getting your child to school, including costs.

All Dorset residents are responsible for their own transport arrangements, including costs.  


In the event of oversubscription, for any year group the following criteria will be applied, in the order set out below, to decide which children to admit.  

Agreed Admission Criteria

1. Children who are in the care of a local authority, or a child who was previously in the care of a local authority, but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, residence or special guardianship order.

2. Children who live within the school’s defined catchment area and have a sibling actually on roll of the school at the time of admission.

3. Children of members of staff, who have worked at Highcliffe School for a minimum of two years, or have been recruited/retained to fulfil a skill shortage.

4. Children who live within the school’s defined catchment area.

5. Children who have a sibling actually on roll of the school at the time of admission.

6. Children who attend one of the following schools: Bransgore Primary School; Brockenhurst Primary School; Highcliffe St Mark Primary School; Hordle Primary School; Mudeford Junior School; Sway St Luke’s Primary School; Tiptoe Primary School.

7. All other children


In the event of oversubscription in Year 7 New Intake, parents are encouraged to be patient and appeal, although there can be no guarantee of the outcome decided by the Independent Panel. Every year some students offered a place on 1st March subsequently move away or opt for another school, thereby allowing students further down the waiting list to be offered places.








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