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Admissions Information

Read the full Admissions Policy for 2022/2023 here

Read the full Admissions Policy for 2023/2024 here

Read the full Admissions Policy for 2024/2025 here

Thank you for your interest in Highcliffe School and hope that you find the following information of assistance.

In Year Applications (Year 7-11)   

 We are an Academy that processes its own In Year admissions and these are not dealt with by the Local Authority (BCP). Therefore, if you would like to apply for a place at Highcliffe School please contact the Admissions Officer via School Reception on 01425 273381 or e-mail 

In accordance with the Admissions Code (Sept 2023) you will receive an outcome of your application within 15 school days.     

Year 7 September New Intake Admissions     

The co-ordinated admission scheme requires parents to apply for a place (New Intake only) at Highcliffe School using the common application form (electronic or paper) available from your Local Authority.   

BCP residents:

Hampshire residents:  

Applications for Year 7 starting in September 2024 must be submitted by 31st October 2023. The Admissions Booklet published by the Local Authority (BCP) will contain information on how to complete the application forms on-line, the dates for notification to Parent(s)/Carers(s) of admission decisions and the closing dates for accepting places or lodging appeals. In case of any doubt on these dates please contact the LA or the school. 

In accordance with paragraph 3.7 of the School Admissions Code I advise you on behalf of the Admissions Authority for Highcliffe School that as an exceptional circumstance Highcliffe School will offer places over its PAN of 264 for September 2024, in accordance with paragraphs 1.4 of the School Admissions Code – Simon Welch Chair of Governors.

BCP contact details: 01202 456223 or email 

Hampshire contact details: 0300 555 1377 or email   

Any applications received after 31st October 2023 will be considered as a late application and will not be considered until after offers are made on 1st March 2024, unless exceptional circumstances merit consideration alongside ‘on-time’ applications.

Notifications to parents offering a secondary school place will be sent out on 1st March 2024, or the first working day after.

Catchment Maps

BCP Catchment Map - Highcliffe School
BCP Catchment Map - Highcliffe School & TGS


A parent/carer whose child is refused admission has the right to appeal against the decision and is asked to contact The Clerk to the Independent Appeals Panel via who will issue the appeals documents. An Independent Appeals Panel will hear the appeal, within the time frame which is legally binding on all parties, in accordance with the School Admissions Appeals Code. 

Admission and Appeals FAQ

Appeals Timetable

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