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Psychology BTEC

Subject Mission Statement

We believe that Psychology can make a powerful impact on student’s lives by giving them a unique and profound insight into their own and other’s behaviour. Through an exploration of the scientific method, we aim to develop students’ critical perception of the world around them. This enables us to address two fundamental questions: What shapes human thought and behaviour? How can we apply this understanding in the real world to improve people’s lives?


Students do not need to have a GCSE in Psychology to study this subject at BTEC, however experience with a BTEC would be helpful. Students will learn mandatory topics in Year 12 and then will be taught the remaining mandatory unit and optional unit in Year 13. The mandatory units in year 12 will cover the various approaches in psychology and how to conduct investigations. In year 13 you will explore Health psychology, which looks at healthy decision making, stress, addiction and how we can change behaviour. We will also be looking at the optional unit of Psychopathology, which will give you an understanding of disorders and treatments.

This course will develop theoretical knowledge of Psychology and take an applied approach to explaining behaviour. Additionally, students will gain an understanding of how to plan, conduct, and evaluate practical research in a scientific manner, through the completion of practical study.

KS5 Intent Statement

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour. Alongside being presented with a range of theories we will equip students with the skills to enable them to understand and evaluate psychological research.
Lessons also reflect and return to the underlying principle that psychology is a subject that has real world application and is constantly evolving. This means students are regularly exposed to psychology academics and practitioners, for example through TED talks and news items, so that they understand that psychology is a dynamic, current, and active area of academia with real relevance to our understanding of the world and human behaviour. Students will develop a psychological worldview – using appropriate language to understand themselves and the world around them.
Students will be able to apply their psychological insight in a wide range of occupations once they leave education; the skills and knowledge students develop in psychology have value across many work sectors including health care, business, education, law, social care, and media. In lessons, students will be given the opportunity to develop their practical skills, such as individual or group research projects, collaborative learning, and presentations.
Students will be supported to be able to succeed in their exams and assessments demonstrating the impact in terms of mastery and application of the subject. We have a significant number of year 13 students applying to university who will be supported encouraged to explore the wide range of options available. This shows that by taking Psychology at A-Level, students recognise that Psychology has offered them a new language and framework for understanding human behaviour.

Qualification Details

Exam Board: Pearson
Qualification Title: Psychology - BTEC Applied
Qualification Specification Code: 603/3057/0
Qualification Webpage: Click here to visit the Pearson webpage for the specification.

Entry Requirements

Standard Sixth Form entry requirements

What will I study in this qualification?

Possible Career Paths

Psychology and/or Sociology related degrees, Clinical Psychology, NHS, Human Resources, Banking and Finance, Teaching, Counselling, Psychotherapy and many more. Learners will develop transferable skills that are vital in Further and Higher Education as well as in the workplace. With the BTEC, the knowledge and understanding learnt in Psychology will help students to work with others in the workplace or in the wider society.

Who should I speak to if I need further information?

Miss Bascombe

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