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Health and Social Care

Subject Mission Statement

Our course enables students to learn about the 3 main strands of health care, social care and childcare. Students develop knowledge and understanding in a broad range of mandatory and optional units through case studies and research.


There are six modules over a two year course. In Year 1 we cover three units, one of which is coursework and the other two are examination based. In Year 2 one unit is examination based and the other two are coursework. There will be opportunity for work experience placements during the course

KS5 Intent Statement

Our KS5 curriculum is matched to our student intake profile and offers a platform for vocational studies in a Level 3 Cambridge Technical qualification.
The qualification provides students with a broad range of topics within health care, social care and childcare. It promotes opportunities for students to draw from case studies and opportunities to undertake research to compliment learning and create skills that will be used throughout their lives. These skills encourage students to begin to challenge the way they perceive the world we live in. Furthermore, highlighting how human relationships, physical environments and socioeconomic status may influence how they develop.
Literacy is promoted through extended writing, combined with the use of challenging key subject terminology of the 3 areas of health and social care. Progress made is regularly identified in learning through tracking and celebrated by sharing best work and by rewarding it through the rewards policy
The KS5 curriculum inspires and engages students whilst also equipping them with cultural capital successfully broadening horizons and preparing them for progression at 18, and for their future life as learners, employees and informed citizens in the field of health and social care.
Through KS2 primary links students participate in events that develop their communication and evaluation skills.
Opportunities are available for students to develop into future leaders through subject ambassador roles and further promoting their subject at open evening and 6th form taster days.

Qualification Details

Exam Board: OCR
Qualification Title: Health & Social Care (Cambridge Technical) - Level 3 Extended Certificate
Qualification Specification Code: 05831
Qualification Webpage: Click here to visit the OCR webpage for the specification.

Entry Requirements

Standard Sixth Form entry requirements

What will I study in this qualification?

The summary of components is as follows:
•Unit 1: Building positive relationships in Health and Social Care - Coursework
•Unit 2: Equality, Diversity and Rights in Health and Social Care - Examination
•Unit 3: Health, Safety and Security in Health and Social Care - Examination
•Unit 4: Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Social Care - Examination
•Unit 5: Public Health - Coursework
•Unit 6: Mental Health Conditions - Coursework

Possible Career Paths

Midwifery or Nursing degrees, Psychology or Sociology degrees, Apprenticeships working in nurseries and residential homes (elderly and people with disabilities), Youth Work and Social Work

Who should I speak to if I need further information?

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