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Donating Mobile Devices - Brokerage

As a school we are supporting as many families as we can with devices from school (including the limited number of devices we have received from the Department for Educations) but we are aware that some families could still do with additional support.

As a school we are embarking on a project to try and collect and distribute  older laptops (up to around 5 years old) that we can possibly recycle to be ‘additional’ machines for families at home.       In effect we will be the 'broker' of donations between the community and our families with a bit of IT in the middle)

If you have any old laptops sitting at home (with power supply and preferably with web cam – but not essential) gathering dust and are looking to dispose of it please consider donating it to a family via school.  We will:

-determine if it is useable 

-if useable, we will clean it, wipe the data

- install CloudReady ( and get it ready for a family to use 

- offer it to a family that we know could do with the extra device

If the device is not useable, we will have it collected next time we have a 'IT Recycle' company in to collect our oldest equipment who will dispose of it ethically and securely.

Please note:   

- At the moment we aren’t after PC’s (unless all in one design) and only after tablets less than 3 years old

- We will be unable to get any data off these machines for you

- The machines will be wiped clean 

- We don’t want machines that don’t turn on, have damage screens etc.  Just old ones that are perhaps past their best.   

- We will not be able to return any old devices and they will be considered donations.

If you have any such devices and are able to drop them at the school office it would be very much appreciated.  Please let us know if you would like to be contacted to find out what we were able to do with the machine.  (If getting it to school if difficult please contact us and we may be able to come and pick it up)

Thank you for all your support over this period.

Mr Downs

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