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The Tapestry Story

In 1998 the Rotary Club of Highcliffe-on-Sea discussed various possible ways to celebrate the coming Millennium in 2000 - other than putting on a special event, such as a fete, which they already did every year.  

A small steering committee, consisting of two Rotarians, Mike Reynolds and Vic Wren, along with local historian Ian Stevenson, was formed to come up with a project.  They suggested a “Tapestry”- a series of multi-media pictures produced by local people which depicted periods and events in the village’s history. 

A public meeting held at the Methodist Hall in October 1998 adopted the idea with enthusiasm.  There was strong support for a unique, living tapestry which could be added to in the future as events occur, unlike those such as the Bayeux and D-Day tapestries which record one principal event.  Volunteers came forward, either individually or within a team representing an organisation.  They could pick from a list of historic periods, events, buildings, etc. and illustrate them in any media of their choice.

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