We Will Rock You School Production 2024 | Highcliffe School

We Will Rock You School Production 2024

Working at Highcliffe School is a privilege; having the opportunity to work alongside so many talented and highly motivated students is a wonderful experience. Well done to the whole cast for their dedication and putting in months of hard work – thank you to the performers, the musicians and the backstage team. 

Thank you to parents and family who have supported the students as they have prepared for show week.   

We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the wider team involved in bringing together this whole school event:   

Lighting/Sound/Effects – Event Technical Services, Trinity McPherson, Felix Pether, Noah Chittenden, and the VA-group;   

Stage management and props – Mr Moore, Zak Williams, Daniel Tomkinson & Katie Waters 

Costume – Miss Lock, Sophia Silvey & Anna Grant 

Programme/T-shirt design and promotions – Mrs Heeley 

Front of House - Mr Davies, Miss Harding, Mrs Keyworth, Mrs Stedmon, Miss Swan, Mrs Andre, Mr Downs, Mr Earnshaw 

Technical Operations & Site – Mr Glyde & Mr Kelly 

Refreshments – Mrs Riley, Mrs Thorne, Mrs Samuels and the Student Representatives   

From the Production Team   

Mrs Walker, Mrs Wills, Mrs Wood, Mr Matcham & Mr Bannister

To view all of the photos here

​ ​ We Will Rock You - School Production 2024

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