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School Diversity Week

26th - 30th June 2023

School Diversity Week 26th – 30th June 2023 

Under the Equality Act 2010 we have a legal obligation to promote understanding about LGBT+ equality and challenge prejudice; an obligation we welcome. Research conducted in school, by our Associate Assistant Headteacher Mrs Keyworth, indicated that this matters greatly to Highcliffe students too.  Students indicated in their responses to questionnaires about gender issues in school and wider society that they would like the school to do even more to promote diversity in all forms and challenge prejudice.  Examples of comments from our students include: 

  •  “I believe not only Highcliffe, but all schools should teach about gender equality” 
  •  “Education about the range of gender identities and sexualities that exist and the types of prejudice people are still facing … [helps] students to be more accepting” 

As part of our efforts to ensure our school environment is a place where every child can realise their potential, we will be joining hundreds of thousands of students and school staff taking part in School Diversity Week 2023 organised by the charity Just Like Us ( In 2023, more than 6000 schools have signed up to take part across the UK.  

Growing up remains unacceptably tough for many LGBT+ young people: LGBT+ school pupils are twice as likely to have been bullied and 91% have heard negative language about being LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans) in the past year, an 2021 independent research report by charity Just Like Us has found. Positive LGBT+ messaging is linked to school pupils having better wellbeing, regardless of whether they’re LGBT+ or not. Their 2023 report, Positive Futures, shows that LGBT+ people who weren’t supported at school and home are half as likely to be happy in early adulthood and three times more likely to not be confident they’ll have a career they enjoy. 

Alongside our anti-bullying and safeguarding policies, taking part in School Diversity Week is an important way of actively supporting LGBT+ young people in our school, and of demonstrating our commitment to an inclusive school environment where every young person can be themselves and thrive. At Highcliffe we are one community.     

Mufti Day: Thursday 29th June

Our programme of activities this week includes a voluntary non-uniform Mufti Day; students participating should contribute £1.00 to charity in return for being able to wear casual clothing.  This year, we are raising money for MindOut (a LGBT+ mental health charity – suggested by the Highcliffe Inclusivity Association) and also supporting one of our sixth formers who is fundraising for The Little Princess Trust and Rennie Grove Hospice, and is a supportive voice for all forms of diversity. 

Students and staff are welcome to wear bright colours or a range of colours to celebrate diversity. Please note that offensive slogans on T-shirts or revealing tops / crop tops / skirts / ripped clothes are not permitted, as always. The rules of jewellery and make-up still apply and students must still bring their correct equipment and books to school.  

School Diversity Week promotes awareness and understanding, and reminds us all to challenge any prejudiced and discriminatory behaviour all year round, whether this is about gender identity, or indeed any diversity. Any student who does not wish to participate in this Mufti Day will wear their school uniform as normal, as is the case for all Mufti Days.   

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