Black History Month 2022 | Highcliffe School

Black History Month 2022

We are celebrating #BlackHistoryMonth at Highcliffe. This is a wonderful opportunity to be part of the national celebrations and events to honour the too-often unheralded accomplishments of Black Britons in every area of endeavour throughout our history. #TimeForChange  

What's happening at Highcliffe this Black History Month? 

  • This month we will be reflecting on the positive contribution Black peoples have made in the development of Britain, and telling the stories of those less well-known individuals who we will forget if we don’t showcase them. 
  • Assemblies and lessons will highlight these amazing achievements which have benefitted us all, regardless of our skin colour. 
  • We are also holding our annual whole school creative arts competition, celebrating this year’s theme of ‘Time For Change: Action Not Words’. 

“To get to a better tomorrow, we can’t just focus on the past. We can acknowledge and learn from it, but to improve the future, we need action, not words. 

We need to come together around a shared common goal to achieve a better world for everyone. 

To ensure real change, we need real support from our allies. It’s time to reset your mindset and support us with actions, not words. Join with us, see something, say something, don’t be a passive bystander. Not just at the weekend in the club or playing sports, but on the street, in shops, at work. 

A number of recent reports have called out racism across a range of sectors, from international aid and education to healthcare and policing. As a society, we all know there is a problem with institutional racism. Now we need to work together to tackle it. 

Yes, Black History Month is a time to celebrate black history, heritage and culture, and the iconic figures that have contributed so much, but this year, let’s make it about so much more.” - Black History Month UK 

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