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Music Production students visit Bournemouth University

Year 11, 12 and 13 Music Production students toured the new facilities in the Creative Technologies Faculty at Bournemouth University.

The tour was conducted by Dr Panos Amelidis lecturer (academic) in Music and Audio Technology who showed us around the new purpose-built facilities and gave us a taste of the future direction of Music Production. Included in the tour was the screening studio where music is mixed for film, TV and emerging-technology visual media. The studio uses the latest Dolby Atmos system which has vertical dimension as well as the traditional surround sound commonly utilised in Virtual Reality applications.

In the recording studios Highcliffe students were introduced to undergraduates in the process of capturing a cello using the superb acoustics of the large-ensemble rooms. The layout of the new building ensures that there is opportunity for networking and cross-pollination across the disciplines as students on Film, TV, Media and Music Production courses collaborate on various projects and events.

The tour culminated with a workshop in the Lab where our students competently took on University level work and engaged in sound design and composition. We were given an insight into the links with industry that the University provides though the placement year programme. Undergraduates can work abroad to develop experience and a wider network in preparation for entry into the industry on graduation. 

Music Production is a growing industry in step with the ever-expanding entertainment and media sectors and the perpetual advent of new technology. The workplace of the future will need creative thinkers armed with the ability to push boundaries that technology opens. With their Music Production skills we can see that our students are well placed to pioneer this new frontier.

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