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Highcliffe School and AECC Working Together

Highcliffe School have been working closely with AECC, the Chiropractic University College in Bournemouth, over recent months to develop opportunities for students at both institutions.

AECC final year students visited us recently to deliver a session to our Year 12 Aspiring Medics group in the Sixth Form. We started with lots of discussion and talk about A level studies and routes into the Chiropractic degree course at Bournemouth as well as the range of other Health Science degrees at AECC. We then talked about niche opportunities such as equine chiropractic and working with dogs. The students demonstrated a range of techniques commonly used in practice including ‘manipulations’ and ‘adjustments’- it’s not just about ‘crack the back’! These covered a range of techniques involving the muscular and skeletal parts of the body. We even analysed our breathing style using a simple and effective technique – most admitted to being lazy breathers!

By the end of the session our students had experienced a superb introduction to the world of chiropractic and learnt a lot about the world of the profession and how it works with the NHS. Thank you to AECC and the students who visited us.

PE A level students are also hoping the visit the University in the near future to work with the Sport and Physio department in their laboratory. 

If you are in Years 10 or 11 and interested in a Health Care career including medicine, dentistry, ophthalmic, chiropractic or allied health professions such as physiotherapy, paramedics, nursing, midwifery, occupational therapy etc. then please see Mr O’Connor or Mr Craven about the Aspirant Medics Programme. This Aspirant Programme also includes the popular Veterinary Science.  There is also the information board on the Science corridor in school.

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