Christmas Concert 2019 | Highcliffe School

Christmas Concert 2019

An amazing plethora of talent for this year's festive concert.

This year sees the bar raised again with exceptionally high quality performance in this year’s Christmas Concert series. With the addition of the new Music Scholarship ensembles – the String Orchestra led by Frank Handy and the Woodwind Ensemble led by Cheri Wallace – and our student-led Chamber Orchestra, we have had to extend the programme across two evening concerts this season. 

 Both evenings began with the whole-school Percussion Ensemble led by Simon Mellish and grown now to include two drum kits, timpani, congas, djembes, bass drum, gong and an array of hand percussion. Various audition items that the students themselves arranged and rehearsed ranging from vocal four-part harmony to loud rock interspersed the larger ensembles. The latter included the usual performances from the Ukulele Orchestra and the Guitar Ensemble who combined for Mark Potter’s arrangement of Carol of the Bells. The two school choirs performed at their best with the Main School choir being rehearsed and led by two of our GCSE students. 

 The 6th Form Music Performance students also showcased their hard work, the year 12s honing their stagecraft at their first major concert event and the year 13s demonstrating true mastery of the stage. We also had many performances from our GCSE students and a lovely variety of styles and collaboration across year groups. It was an inspiration to see our 6th Form Music students working so closely with those in the younger years. 

 We would like to thank Miss Dobson for the stage management and choreography; the Front and Back of House teams; all the students that make up the sound, lighting and stage crew; the PTA for the wonderful refreshments; and the Highcliffe Rotary Club for sponsoring the raffle and programmes. All funds raised through ticket sales, the raffle and refreshments will be directly invested in our students through the Scholarship scheme.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

 The Music Team.

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