Christmaths 2019 | Highcliffe School

Christmaths 2019

On Thursday 28th November, 40 year five students from our different feeder schools were welcomed along with their parents to Highcliffe school’s annual Christmaths evening.

The evening contained a range of Christmas themed activities, which were fun, practical, engaging and mathematically challenging. After an introductory presentation was delivered by the Maths team, the students were mixed up and put into groups to complete the five festive activities.

The first was a problem-solving activity where the students had to use two different measurements of 300ml and 500ml to be able to make 400ml to help cure Rudolph! The next task was a more creative one where they had the opportunity to make an origami Christmas tree. The third activity was a more maths-focused problem-solving task. Next was a task where the students made different sized helicopters to see which one would fly/spin the fastest which also incorporated some science skills. Finally, an activity with an engaging video to help explain some more complicated maths theories and skills.  

The evening also gave parents an opportunity to have a go at some challenging maths problems for themselves. At the end one student was picked out to win a prize. 

The event was made possible by the maths department and some Highcliffe students who were there to help. Special thanks to the Head of Maths, Mr. Cooper, and the Able Student Programme Coordinator, Miss Whiteside, for making this fantastic evening happen. This evening hopefully gave these students a glimpse into Highcliffe School and we hope to see many of them back in a few years. 

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