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GCSE Results 2018

Today we will be celebrating the best ever GCSE results in the school’s history, which break all previous records in the school.

Following last week’s very good A Level results in our Sixth Form Highcliffe School staff and students are today celebrating the best ever GCSE results in the school’s history, which break all previous records in the school. For example 450 final grades are the top grades 7 to 9 (the old A/A* or better grades) of which 65 are the elite Grade 9.  75% - or three-quarters of the year group - achieved the benchmark of at least 5 Pass Grade 4s or better including English and Maths and 79% achieved it in English and Maths combined.

Particularly strong results were achieved by students in English, Maths and Science. 88% of students passed English at Grade 4 or better, 84% passed Maths and 87% passed at least two Sciences at Grade 4 or better.

Moreover students excelled in achieving the coveted ‘Strong Pass’ of Grade 5 or better. For example in English 74% of the grades were the ‘Strong Pass’ Grade 5 or better, in Maths 61% were Strong Passes and in Sciences an incredible 83% were Grade 5 or better.  Combined with the exceptional number of top Grades 7 to 9 and elite Grade 9s achieved by students in the full range of subjects, students and staff are this morning taking in the very good news and looking to a promising future.

Examples of outstanding individual success stories are:

·        Louise Bach, Charlotte Brad. Michael Devlin and Tarka Abraham who achieved 24 elite Grade 9s between them.

·        Louise Bach achieved an incredible 8 Grade 9s among her 10 top grades

·        As well as Louise, Charlotte Brad and Jane Mitchell each also achieved 10 top grades 7 to 9

·        While Cameron Powell, Samuel Smith, Dane Major, Danielle Esterhuizen, Thomas Charles, Shelby Mann, Guy Liengsakul, Isaac Johnson, Michael Devlin, Jessica Bennett, Barnaby Codd, Stephanie Fletcher-Jones, Elena Larder, Joe Spolander, Tarka Abraham, Katherine Bonney, Bita Dehghan, Tara Johnston and Ryan Obagi also each achieved between 7 and 9 top grades 7 to 9

A very proud Headteacher Patrick Earnshaw said “following our successful Ofsted inspection in the autumn and last week’s very good A Level results today’s record-breaking best-ever GCSE results are the icing on the cake of a great year for Highcliffe School.  I’m absolutely delighted for our students and their families and incredibly proud of the staff team who educated and supported our Year 11s to this exceptional level of success.”




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