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GCSE Examination Results Summer 2017

Highcliffe School is delighted to report another year of excellent GCSE examination results and a fourth consecutive year of improvement.

With the reformed qualifications in English and mathematics using the new and unknown 9 to 1 grading structure all schools were prepared for random and volatile results, in one of the most troubled years for English and Welsh schools in decades. It is therefore very pleasing that over 70% of Highcliffe students achieved the key Grade 4 Pass grade or above in both English and mathematics, continuing our four-year trend of improvement. In addition nearly 75% of students achieved Grade 4/Grade C passes or better in at least 5 different GCSE subjects. Several subjects, including Biology, Chemistry, Computing, Physical Education and Physics, achieved an overall pass rate between 90% and 100%, while others including Art, Geography, IT, Music Technology and Textiles saw a pass rate of 80% or above. As a school with a strong academic reputation locally it is also very pleasing to see this year the proportion of students achieving good passes in the toughest combination of subjects, the so-called ‘Ebacc subjects’, rise by an astonishing 40% compared to 2016.

An incredible 19 students achieved the top A/A* or new 9 - 7 grades in at least 8 subjects and 12 students achieved those top grades in at least 10 different subjects – some of the very best GCSE results achievable. Several of our highest-flyers achieved the new ultra-challenging Grade 9 in Maths or English, which is awarded for exceptional performance beyond the old top A* grade.  As a non-selective comprehensive school our students’ overall results are highly commendable and are likely to once again be well above national averages.

Top Achievers in the year group, with 8 or more A*-A/9-7 grades are (in alphabetical order);

  • Mollie Baker
  • Laura Brown
  • Lauren Cutler
  • James Davies
  • Katherine Garner
  • Daniel Jenkinson
  • Rebecca King
  • Ella Longley
  • Jessica Lovegrove
  • Kai Major
  • James Moses
  • Joe Perry
  • Matt Perry
  • Patchouli Phillips
  • Ellen Pritchard
  • Emma Radford
  • Nicola Ratcliffe
  • Connor Tomkins
  • Megan Treadwell


7 of our students earned the new grade 9 equivalent to A**

  • Katherine Garner - English Language
  • Laura Brown - English Language
  • Lily Goff - English Literature
  • Sophie Stewart - English Literature
  • Eleanor Dibdin - English Literature
  • Kai Major - Maths
  • Connor Tomkins - Maths


Following on from our great success at A level last week we are now looking forward to a strong academic intake to Highcliffe Sixth Form in two weeks’ time.

“Congratulations to our students for achieving so highly after so much hard work. I am absolutely delighted we have again achieved excellent GCSE results, especially given the unsettling reforms made to the English and mathematics qualifications and the general toughening-up of all exams. These results reinforce our outstanding results at A Level last week, and stem from our very strong focus on academic excellence and high achievement by Highcliffe students. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our staff and parents for the support they’ve given our students to make these impressive results possible. It’s so inspiring to see young people excel and thrive and I’m incredibly proud of how brilliantly our students have done this year.”

Patrick Earnshaw, Headteacher

For a full gallery of photos taken today please visit our Highcliffe School Facebook page facebook.com/HighcliffeSchool

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